I just posted a few more SWFObject 2.0 examples:

  • Plain-vanilla SWF embedding using SWFObject 2.0
  • Using SWFObject 2.0 with ExternalInterface
  • Determining whether a SWF was successfully embedded (returning a boolean in JavaScript)
  • Using SWFObject with an ‘onclick’ event

Update: The SWFObject examples list is now located at http://learnswfobject.com

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2 thoughts on “More SWFObject 2.0 examples”

  1. Hi,

    I was just going through your SWFObject2.0 examples. The OnClick example of replacing a SWF that is already embedded didn’t work for me on my Mac using Firefox2.

    When I click on the “replace” link the original SWF disappears and the screen is white. The new SWF is playing but it is not visible until you click on the space where the SWF should be.

    I’m not sure how to fix the issue. It works fine using Safari.


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