Just an FYI: The SWFObject section of my site has been updated with SWFObject 2.0 examples, including:

  • Using SWFObject with ajax (xmlhttprequest)
  • Using ExpressInstall
  • Toggling a SWF’s visibility
  • Passing querystrings to a SWF using PHP
  • Setting the z-index and wmode (allowing page elements to overlap the Flash SWF)

SWFObject has two publishing options: static publishing and dynamic publishing. I’m happy to report that every SWFObject 2.0 example on my site has both a static and a dynamic example. I also included instructions for most of the examples. Hopefully people will find them useful! 🙂

The SWFObject section is located at http://pipwerks.com/lab/swfobject/

The old SWFObject 1.5 examples are still online if anyone needs to see them.

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