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Introducing SWFRightClick

Adobe Captivate currently ships with a 3rd-party JavaScript utility named RightClick.js, which enables the Captivate SWF to detect when a user right-clicks the SWF. While upgrading the Captivate publishing templates, I realized RightClick.js wasn’t built to work with SWFObject 2.x and suffered from a few shortcomings. I modified the Captivate template’s SWFObject code to get around the issue, but marked it down as something to revisit when I have the time.

Now, I’m happy to report I’ve created a replacement for the RightClick.js utility, creatively named SWFRightClick. It uses the same approach to handling right-clicks, but does it with a completely new codebase and a few extra goodies. SWFRightClick is compatible with every edition of SWFObject, and is free to use (MIT license).

Check it out on GitHub. I plan to fold it in to my Captivate publishing templates very soon.

Cheating in SCORM

I'm always surprised how little people talk about cheating in e-learning; maybe it's a fear of revealing just how easy it can be. The fact is, SCORM -- the most common communication standard in e-learning -- is fairly easy to hack. I've whipped up a proof-of-concept bookmarklet that when clicked will set your SCORM course to complete with a score of 100 (works with both SCORM 1.2 and 2004).

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iframes and cross-domain security

I'm working on an HTML-based course interface that serves up content in an iframe. I had everything working great until I needed to move the content to one domain while hosting the interface on a different domain (kind of a simplified home-brewed CMS approach). BAM! Cross-domain security issues. Course interface dead in the water.

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Introducing the pipwerks Captivate Controller JavaScript utility

As alluded to in a previous post, I've whipped up a simple JavaScript utility to help you control your Captivate SWFs using JavaScript.

The biggest selling point for this utility is that it not only contains all of the built-in Captivate 'variable' functionality, but it also contains some extra functionality created by chaining some variables together.

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Control a Captivate SWF using JavaScript: The basics

JavaScript can control the playback of Captivate-generated SWFs. I posted some examples about a year ago (example one, example two), but someone recently reminded me I haven't posted any instructions or explanations for my examples. Here's a quickie explanation of how you can control a Captivate-generated SWF using JavaScript.

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