Adobe has a short but useful article detailing how to make your Adobe Captivate movies more accessible.

These are pretty simple (borderline “no-brainer”) steps a Captivate author can easily implement:

  • Add a description to an Adobe Captivate movie
  • Add a description to an individual slide
  • Limit quiz questions to multiple choice, true and false, and Likert scale (short answer and matching question types are not accessible).
  • If you use audio in your project, use Captivate’s closed captioning feature.
  • Ensure the “508 compliance” option is checked when publishing the project (this option is enabled by default). The “508 compliance” feature automatically makes Captivate ‘click areas’ keyboard-accessible.

I haven’t tested how well the accessibility features work, but it’s nice to know that Adobe has made a genuine effort to make Captivate (and Flash) SWFs more accessible. Matter-of-fact, Adobe has quite an impressive “accessibility” section on its website, providing guidance for making almost any Adobe-published media file (SWF, PDF, HTML, etc.) more accessible.

Read the Adobe Captivate article here.

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