Hi, I’m Philip Hutchison, aka @pipwerks. Thanks for visiting!

pipwerks.com (est. 2006) is my labor of love, dedicated to e-learning development, with a focus on hand-built, do-it-yourself code using standards, modern best practices, and open-source libraries. I’ve spent the better part of a decade absorbing the intricacies of e-learning development and learning management systems, and have tried to document some of my experiences along the way.

LearnSWFObject.com domain being retired

It’s hard to believe that I have run learnswfobject.com for nearly ten years. It’s easy to overlook now, but back when Flash was booming, before iOS and Android changed everything, SWFObject was a very important piece of web technology. According to BuiltWith.com, SWFObject’s usage peaked at about 3.5 million sites in …
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Eight Years of Running a Mac Mini Server

In late 2009 I migrated all of my websites to my personal Mac Mini server, which is hosted in MacMiniColo’s data center (now part of MacStadium). You can read about my reasons for moving from hosted services to my own server here. I’ve never looked back, and have mostly enjoyed having …
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Using Scraper on RetroPie

RetroPie is a fun little arcade system that runs on Raspberry Pi. It includes Emulation Station, which allows the user to select games using a USB game pad or joystick instead of a keyboard. One of Emulation Station’s features is a scraper, which analyzes your library of game ROMs and tries …
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PDFObject 2.0 released

After almost eight years in the making (and nearly 7 years of procrastinating), PDFObject 2.0 has arrived. PDFObject is an open-source standards-friendly JavaScript utility for embedding PDF files into HTML documents. It’s like SWFObject, but for PDFs. Version 1.0 was released in 2008 and has enjoyed modest success. Based on stats from PDFObject.com …
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Demos for LearnSWFObject have been moved

For the record, all demos for LearnSWFObject.com have been relocated from my personal server to GitHub. The root URL has changed from demos.learnswfobject.com to learnswfobject.com/demos.
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SCORM on Google Trends

Interesting stats from Google: SCORM is clearly on the decline, as is AICC, but both still much stronger than xAPI (aka Tin Can), which is barely registering.
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If you’re looking for my SCORM wrappers or other open-source projects, head on over to my GitHub page

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