Eight Years of Running a Mac Mini Server

In late 2009 I migrated all of my websites to my personal Mac Mini server, which is hosted in MacMiniColo’s data center (now part of MacStadium). You can read about my reasons for moving from hosted services to my own server here. I’ve never looked back, and have mostly enjoyed having my own server because of the freedom it gives me to experiment and customize my environment. Mostly. When I first got the server, I was new to Linux and was really happy Apple provided Server.app, which is a GUI for the standard fare of services, including Apache, mail, FTP, …

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Mac Mini Server

In my last post, I explained my frustration with web hosting services and how this frustration led me to purchase my own server. In this post, I will briefly touch on some of the ups and downs I’ve experienced with the Mac Mini Server and its Snow Leopard Server software.

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