<span class="hljs-keyword">var</span> pipwerks = {
   <span class="hljs-attr">owner</span>: <span class="hljs-string">"Philip Hutchison"</span>,
   <span class="hljs-attr">subject</span>: <span class="hljs-string">"web and e-learning development"</span>

Hi. My name is Philip Hutchison, and I am an instructional technologist, focusing almost exclusively on web and e-learning development for the past decade. I have an M.A. in Education (Instructional Technologies) from San Francisco State University. Before my life in e-learning, I worked as a pre-press typesetter, web developer, and audio engineer.

This site is dedicated to my exploration of e-learning technologies.

*Obligatory disclaimer: All opinions expressed on this site are my own. All projects posted on this site have been developed independently of my work at my current and/or previous employers.

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