PDFObject for Vue 3

I decided to make it easy for everyone (especially me!) to embed PDFs in a Vue project. Introducing: PDFObject-Vue, a PDFObject component created for Vue 3. Now available on GitHub and NPM.

Update to SCORM Wrapper

Made a minor update: scorm.quit() was setting a value (cmi.exit) but not invoking scorm.save() (aka Commit()) prior to termination.

View the latest update on GitHub

Introducing SWFRightClick

I’ve created a replacement for the RightClick.js utility, creatively named SWFRightClick. It uses the same approach to handling right-clicks, but does it with a completely new codebase and a few extra goodies.

Cleaning up Adobe Captivate’s SCORM Publishing Template, Part 5: Finishing up

This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series Cleaning up Adobe Captivate 5.5's SCORM Publishing Template

In part one of this series, we published a simple Captivate course and examined its file structure. In part two, we cleaned up the HTML file and externalized all JavaScript. In part three, we cleaned up the JavaScript. In part four, we updated the SCORM code. In this installment, we will put the finishing touches on our code and move our files into Captivate’s publishing folder.

SCORM “Planets” Example Updated

My “Planets” example (How to Add Basic SCORM Code to a Flash Movie) has proven to be one of the most popular items on pipwerks.com. Unfortunately, it was designed as a quick example and had a bunch of flaws and shortcomings. It’s also about 3 years old and starting to show its age. Since people frequently contact me with questions — many of which were due to the flaws in the example — I decided to update the project.

SCORM Wrapper updated for improved Plateau support

The pipwerks SCORM Wrapper has been updated with a small patch for handling odd behavior in the Plateau LMS. Special thanks to Joe Venditti for the patch (and sorry for taking almost 2 years to add it to the codebase!). Get the latest version here.