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  1. Thanks for the update Philip! I test my content outside of a LMS environment. In that case, the code you’ve introduce causes a javascript error since is null. To combat this, I check for before checking for

    I’m not sure this is worth adding, as I realize I’m in a unique situation. Just thought I would share my findings. Thanks again!

  2. what if i have more functions in my original APIwrapper? (which i used with as2)
    can i simply paste them to this one?

    1. you’re free to modify the wrapper as needed. if your custom functions were written for my previous pipwerks wrappers, you can probably copy and paste. if they were for non-pipwerks API wrappers, no, you can’t just copy and paste. regardless, any modification should only be done if you have a good understanding of the wrapper and understand the effect your modifications will have.

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