In 2008 I posted a quick writeup on how I dealt with cross-domain security issues for some of my e-learning courseware. Since then, I’ve had a lot of people contact me with various questions and requests for a working example.

Tonight I decided to revisit the topic and whip up some quick example files. To my chagrin, I discovered a load of typos in my original post. Yikes! No wonder people wanted to see some working examples.

Well, ask no more, here they are:

The explanation provided in the previous post is still valid, just refer to these new sample files instead of the code in that post’s examples. (I will update that post with new code examples soon.)

Remember, the proxy.html file must reside on the same domain as the parent frame. This solution will not work if you don’t have FTP access to both domains, since you need to place support scripts on both domains.

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