Finally got around to making some Flash files that demonstrate the pipwerks SCORM ActionScript classes. I’ve created examples for both AS2 and AS3. You can get them here.

Both of these examples have been successfully tested using the latest ADL test suites for SCORM 1.2 and 2004.

A word about the code in the Flash examples

I just thought I should point out that there are many ways to build a course in Flash, and the method I used for these examples is just one. I kept it very simple, and wanted to stick to the basics; these examples are designed to show you how easy it is to integrate the SCORM class into a course, and not much else!

There’s a bunch of extra error-checking and debugging code in there to help illustrate the course-to-LMS communication facilitated by the SCORM JS wrapper and AS classes.

Note: Although the ActionScript 2 example uses SCORM 1.2 and the ActionScript 3 example uses SCORM 2004, when creating your own courses with these wrappers, you can mix and match any way you like. You can use AS2 with SCORM 2004 or AS3 with SCORM 1.2… it’s completely up to you.

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  1. thanks, philip. i just updated to your newest wrappers this morning and have been having trouble getting everything running smoothly (working in i.e., not in firefox, not on mac, etc…), so hopefully this will help ease the transition.

  2. hi ian

    just an FYI: the files are browser-neutral and work in any OS that supports JavaScript and Flash Player 8 (for the AS2 version) or Flash Player 9 (for the AS3 version). i’ve tested these in Firefox 2 and IE6 (Win XP) with no problems.


    * be sure to initialize the SCORM connection before attempting to communicate with the server.

    * remember that in AS3 the term SCORM (all caps) becomes a reserved word. var SCORM:SCORM = new SCORM() will fail, because var SCORM is not allowed (this took me quite a while to figure out!). using a different variable name, such as var scorm (all lowercase) or var mySCORM should work fine.

  3. Hello Philip,

    once more thank you million tilmes for an amazing resource and ideas site…..

    We couln’t ask for more….
    I was developing some flash sco’s in Scorm 1.2….which worked just fine in reload, moodle etc….but it turns out the content will be uploaded in a blackboard….(universities!!! 🙁 )

    which it seems it only supports Scorm 2004…!! Am I right on that?

    Have you ever tried your code in blackboard….because even Scorm 2004 compliant stuff don’t seem to work!!

    So you got into AS3…quite strict right? Like Scorm 🙂

  4. @Christos I don’t use Blackboard (and thanks to their penchant for suing anyone and everyone in the LMS business, I will avoid Blackboard for the foreseeable future). I don’t know what Blackboard supports, but I’m imagine they must support SCORM 1.2. I would be shocked if they didn’t.

    If your SCORM 2004 courses aren’t working in Blackboard, I’d try double-checking the imsmanifest. It’s often the culprit for courses failing when switching from one LMS to another.

    RE: AS3, it has its pros and cons. At times I like the strictness because it enforces better coding habits, but I dislike the growing similarity to Java.

  5. There are some severe problem due to Blackboard side. Some of them were accepted by Blackboard team. For example you couldn’t get cmi.learner_name, it return null and blackboard team accept this as a bug. And there are some other problems about progress track. Blackboard team should work harder on scorm compatibility. I will inform you about the progress.

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