By popular demand, the SCORM 1.2 edition of my revised SCORM publishing templates for Adobe Captivate 5.x is now available on GitHub.

Instructions can be found here.

While testing the SCORM 1.2 revisions, I noticed Captivate sometimes sends invalid data to the LMS, specifically for cmi.interactions.n.correct_responses.n.pattern, cmi.interactions.n.student_response, and cmi.interactions.n.weighting. I may fix these errors in a future update, but they’re relatively harmless, so I’ll leave them be for now.

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  1. Philip–Thanks so much for this!! I am struggling to validate against ADL test suite 1.2.7 with Captivate 5.5, and your code got me soooo much closer to conformance than Adobe’s code did.

    Unfortunately, I appear to have a few remaining issues according to the test suite (probably my issues). Can you shed any light on ‘The manifest is not valid against the SCORM Application Profiles’?

    I’m also getting ‘LMSSetValue() call was NOT successful, and ‘Incorrect Data Type’. I assume this error is associated with either the true/false question or the multiple choice question, but grasping at straws. Any insight into what the LMS is looking for here?

    Again, thanks for getting me much further than I was!

    1. @rhett regarding bad data, it’s being sent by Captivate. the only way to fix it is to add code to the template that prohibits invalid data types from being sent. I’ve done that for other projects, but haven’t done it here. The data is generally harmless, unless you’re trying to do a certification test!

      regarding the manifest, i’m not sure what portion of it (or lack thereof) is failing, so i can’t really comment at the moment. Captivate’s manifest is very bare-bones, so you should be able to replace it without any problems.

  2. Thanks much Phillip. Let me know if I can help subsidize further template development to address Captivate’s invalid data errors 😉 Unlikely I’ll be able to sort this out myself.

  3. I’ve found this series most interesting, and it’s obvious that you’ve done a good job at doing what Adobe ought to have done themselves.

    I’ve used your updated files (for SCORM 1.2) but now all my test results come back with a zero score. I’m using Captivate 5.0 and Moodle 2.2.2.

    One other thing: you mention that scorm_support.htm and scorm_support.swf can both be deleted from the SCORM_support folder, but doing this returns two related error messages when my quiz is published in Captivate. The messages can be ignored and the output is still generated, but it’s a little off-putting. I put the old .htm and .swf files back where they were to avoid seeing these annoying errors; I wonder whether this could anything to do with the zero-score issue? (I doubt it does but who knows.)

  4. As an addendum, switching back to the old Adobe-authored templates and then re-publishing has brought my Moodle scoring reports back to life. Ho-hum.

  5. I have the same issue/errors as John – when I publish for SCORM 1.2 I get the error saying that the files that have been deleted and the “zip file might get corrupted, you should try creating the zip again.”

    1. @greg Captivate for Mac doesn’t generate the warning, but Captivate for Windows does. It’s safe to ignore. If you want to avoid the error message, you can put the scorm_support files back into the template folder, but leave them empty. However this means you’re packaging and uploading useless files to the LMS for the sake of eliminating a harmless error message in the development environment. It’s up to you and your preference. Personally, I opt to keep my package lean and mean.

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