SCORM is a technical standard for online courseware, and can be utilized in a course in many ways, from amazingly simple bookmarking to achingly complex sequencing and navigation. SCORM’s most important contribution to elearning — in my mind, anyway — is the standardization of communication between a course and an LMS, which enables course portability between LMS systems regardless of course or LMS vendor.

SCORM API Wrapper [JavaScript]

A revised version of the ADL SCORM API wrapper, intended to bring the wrapper more in line with the “Web 2.0” world.  [ read more ]

ActionScript SCORM Classes (API Wrappers)

Note: The following content is over a decade old and should be considered deprecated. I have left it up for historical purposes.

Companion ActionScript classes for the JavaScript-based SCORM API Wrapper. Designed to simplify working with SCORM in Flash. Comes in both AS2 and AS3 flavors.
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