Today was the day… I gave a presentation at the eLearning Guild’s DevLearn 2007 conference in San Jose. Topic? Captivate-to-Flash ActionScript Communication. Not a sexy title, I know, but there was a pretty respectable turnout… which indicates to me that a lot of people want to use Captivate but are feeling quite frustrated with its limitations.

I had a few technical glitches with the laptop and projector (Murphy’s Law, I suppose), but otherwise all seemed to go well. The audience was very receptive and had some great questions. I even managed to give a little plug for SWFObject.

While working on this DevLearn presentation, I realized I have an awfully lot of Captivate-related stuff (scripting how-tos, demonstrations, blog posts, etc.). So much, in fact, that I decided to dedicate a new section of my website to Adobe Captivate. You can find it at

I’m still trying to fill out the content and smooth out the wrinkles, so please bear with me. Hope you like it!

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  1. Phillip,

    This is awesome stuff, and couldn’t be timed more perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Phillip,

    The Session Notes you put together are not only so helpful, but so beautiful, this merits a second post.

    You’ve certainly raised the bar for writing and blogging about Flash stuff and E-Learning.

    Many kudos…

  3. I attended your session, Phillip, and found it extremely useful. In fact, I have already used some of your suggestions to solve a Captivate issue I was having. Thank you so much for sharing your substantial knowledge and know-how. You are right, I think. There are lots of Captivate users out there who would like to take it up a small level.

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