Note: The following content is over a decade old and should be considered deprecated. I have left it up for historical purposes.

This section is dedicated to helping people perform scripting tasks with Adobe Captivate. Browse all Captivate-related Journal entries.

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The CaptivateController utility allows you to control and query a Captivate SWF using JavaScript. CaptivateController replaces the pipwerks.captivate.control utility.


LegacyCaptivateLoader allows you to control a Captivate (AS2) SWF using an ActionScript 3 SWF.

Sending Captivate Quiz Data to JavaScript

Quiz results can be sent from Captivate to JavaScript for use in your JavaScript-based projects.

Other Captivate hacks and examples

DevLearn 2007: Captivate-to-Flash ActionScript Communication

Documentation, examples, and source files from my presentation at the eLearning Guild’s DevLearn 2007 conference (ActionScript 2 only).