This section is dedicated to helping people perform scripting tasks with Adobe Captivate. Browse all Captivate-related Journal entries.

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The CaptivateController utility allows you to control and query a Captivate SWF using JavaScript. CaptivateController replaces the pipwerks.captivate.control utility.


LegacyCaptivateLoader allows you to control a Captivate (AS2) SWF using an ActionScript 3 SWF.

Sending Captivate Quiz Data to JavaScript

Quiz results can be sent from Captivate to JavaScript for use in your JavaScript-based projects.

Other Captivate hacks and examples

DevLearn 2007: Captivate-to-Flash ActionScript Communication

Documentation, examples, and source files from my presentation at the eLearning Guild’s DevLearn 2007 conference (ActionScript 2 only).

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6 thoughts on “Adobe Captivate Tools, Tips, and Tricks”

  1. hello,
    your website is great, i was desperatly trying to integrate a series of captivate swf in a flash swf when i found it. I’m sorry to bother you but i was so happy when i saw your example on auto-load next captivate SWF into a Flash container swf. I tried your source files to practice. But something is not working: the player and captivate swf load but when it comes to the java instruction : the unload command doesn’t seem to re-enter the flash swf. Nothing happens the file stays stuck on the last captivate slide. Would you have an idea? It would be a life saver.
    Thank you in advance.
    -sandra ballé

  2. true, i was distracted by the java instructions not doing what i wanted and didn’t read the top of the page. I’ll have a look.
    thank you

  3. Hello,
    i’ve got a big problem: i’ve created a captivate widget in as3. When I add my published project (with scorm 1.2) to moodle, there’s no data communication between my captivate quiz and moodle. After finishing the quiz there are no results transmitted to moodle. How could I fix this problem (captivate as3 and scorm in moodle)?
    I hope you can help me.
    Thanks and greetings

  4. Hi
    Love your blog. Can you tell me where I can find how to manipulate actionscript in Captivate 7? or what add-on can be used in parrellel to edit actionscript with Captivate 7?

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