There seems to be a lot of people interested in making their existing Flash movies SCORM-compatible lately; while I know of a few good resources explaining how to use SCORM in a Flash-based e-learning course, I haven’t seen many resources for explaining how to add some simple, bare-bones SCORM code to an existing Flash movie.

What if someone just wants to be able to say “the learner launched the course and watched the whole thing?” In a case like this, SCORM is super-easy to use, especially if you use my SCORM wrapper and ActionScript class (that’s why I wrote them!).

You may be interested to know that I’m currently working on a tutorial explaining how to add the SCORM code. Here’s a teaser: a very simple Flash movie I made using some images from NASA. It’s called PLANETS!

It’s nothing fancy, just a timeline-based Flash movie with a bit of ActionScript (3.0) for buttons and timeline navigation.

The tutorial will explain how to add the basic SCORM code to the “planets.fla” Flash file and related HTML file, and will also explain how to make very basic edits to an imsmanifest.xml template in preparation for uploading to an LMS.

Update: The tutorial is available here

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