I had a hard time sorting this out, so I figured I’d post it in case anyone else needs to know.

Assumptions: You have Parallels v4 for Mac, and have already created an Ubuntu 8.10 image.


  1. Launch your Ubuntu image (in window mode).
  2. Go to Virtual Machine > Install Parallels Tools

    Virtual Machine - Install Parallels Tools
  3. A dialog box appears. It contains vague instructions that aren’t very helpful for Linux newbies (hence this blog post). Ignore the instructions and click “continue”.

    Installer dialog
  4. A CD icon appears on the desktop, and the window opens displaying the CD contents. You won’t be clicking anything in this window, so go ahead and close it.

    CD icon appears on desktop
  5. Launch the Terminal by going to Applications > Accessories > Terminal

    Launch Terminal
  6. Next run the installer by typing sudo sh /cdrom/install and pressing the return button on the keyboard. You will be prompted to enter your system administrator password.
  7. The Parallels Tools installer appears. Follow the instructions.

    Parallels Tools Installer Screen

That’s it! You’ll need to reboot the virtual machine, and then you’re good to go.

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  1. Awesome. This is much appreciated and put me back on track. I might have been here all night looking for this basic bit of info.

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