As you may have read in previous posts or tweets, I’m working on a new SCORM 2004 wrapper for both JavaScript and ActionScript that will contain advanced functionality and improved shortcuts.

For instance, I’m trying to write an easier way to work with the cmi.interactions model, and also trying to add more error-checking that will look for gotchas such as exceeding the length limit of suspend_data.

I’m looking for good ideas. How do you handle your cmi.interactions? What kind of code shortcuts would you like to see? How can working with SCORM be made easier? I’d love to hear your ideas, just post them as comments below or send them to me on twitter.

This project — just like my previous wrappers — will be freeware, either MIT license or GNU license, so no worries about me running off and selling your ideas!

(FYI: for now I’m focusing on SCORM 2004 — SCORM 1.2 should be retired — but depending on how things work out I might add backwards-compatibility for SCORM 1.2.)

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  1. @Brian Yup, I agree. I’ve already added some regex here and there. Thanks for the input. 🙂

    I’m also adding built-in JSON encode/decode support for use with suspend_data.

    Anyone else have any ideas? I hear a lot of crickets chirping…
    (I’ve received a smattering of responses via twitter:

  2. I’d love to see how best to work with learner_comments too. We have a need to store users notes and believe this would be a good place to store them?

    cmi.interactions would be great though – especially using the likert scale. (I need to construct a feedback LO soon!).

    Thanks! Andy

  3. Philip,
    I used the JSON support for Suspend data too. I actually ran XML first run, but the moment we started saving Rich Text it all blew up on us of course. Or if someone would type in or ” in a attribute.
    We did a bunch of Flash based e-learning content and had to ‘tell’ Flash the page was exiting so it could commit its data. We did a little with Shared State Persistence but, there isn’t that many LMS’s that support that.
    I’ve been doing more JQuery work and I’m liking that setup much more than some of the brute force SCORM frameset based wrappers with a lot of code.

    Another complaint I hear a bit is the wrappers take up too much realestate. Maybe one that can expand over the content in a tooltip or div might make sense. Just some random ideas.


  4. Hi Philip,

    I am looking a way to access web server(LMS) from a AS3 based Adobe air app. I have whole bunch of courses setup up already in my LMS. People usually access these courses through their web browser, now I would like to create a AIR APP by using AS3 to access those courses in the LMS. What steps should I do in my AS3? All those course made by Flash. Is that possible that the completed AIR project can show those course from the AIR APP instead of web browser?

    Thanks a lot!!!


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