Vertical centering — without using tables!

Every now and then, a developer will come up against something that was SOOOO easy with table-based layouts and winds up being a royal pain with CSS-based layouts. One of these “d’oh!” moments is when you try to vertically center an element on your web page. Umm… hang on, let me rephrase that: One of these “d’oh!” moments is when you try to vertically center an element on your web page when using Internet Explorer 6.

Making Actionscript calls from Adobe Captivate

Captivate 2.0 doesn’t include the ability directly manipulate Actionscript. This has been problematic for people like myself who have Flash-based ‘players’ that load and unload both Captivate SWFs and Flash SWFs; we often need the Captivate SWF to perform some kind of action when it reaches its end.

Classes and OOP in Flash

Being the non-programmer that I am, I was recently scouring the WWW in search of good examples and tutorials on using class files in Flash. I have read that class files and object-oriented programming (OOP) are generally considered a ‘best practice’ in the programming world, and wanted a better understanding of their principles and how they can be used in Flash’s Actionscript 2.0. While I’ve read plenty of posts by people complaining that OOP is overrated, I have yet to read a convincing reason NOT to use it. It’s a clean approach, it promotes re-usability, and generally forces the developer …

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Flash and XML

Macromedia Flash is a great tool for presenting content. XML is a great format for storing content. Unfortunately, getting the two to play together nicely can be trickier than expected. I’ve spent countless hours over the last month reading up on XML and Flash integration, including trying no less than eight different methods of importing XML data to a Flash movie. It’s been kind of tough sorting through all these different methods and somewhat flimsy documentation. But I’m here to tell you the good news: I stumbled upon a wonderful and extremely in-depth tutorial that explains many of the mysteries …

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